Sonic and visual provocateur IAMX , founder of 90s trip-hop band Sneak Pimps’ Chris Corner, releases the dramatic new video for Stardust, the first single from his recent album ‘Alive in New Light’ featuring guest vocalist and kindred spirit Kat Von D. The uncensored version debuted globally today on

Fueling electronic experimentation with punk energy and confessional lyricism, IAMX’s alternative electronica sound, fashion, performances, videos, and persona are larger than life, iconoclastic, and shockingly intimate. Directed by Corner himself, the video for Stardust, which opens ‘Alive in New Light’ was filmed in downtown Los Angeles. “I rented an industrial work loft and spent a month experimenting with lights, mirrors and different camera techniques,” IAMX explains. In it, Kat Von D helps transform one of the band members aristocratic to anarchic against stark and angular lighting and camerawork, but IAMX leaves the meaning up to interpretation. “I never really go in with a solid concept. it’s more like piecing together a puzzle. I dislike narratives but I love visual art and performance art. So that’s what I tried to incorporate in this video. I also wanted to capture a little piece of the IAMX live experience, because it’s such an integral part of the project.” In addition to helming clips for his own work, Chris has also directed videos for other artists, including I Am Dust and My Name is Ruin for close friend, electronic pioneer Gary Numan.