Duñe & Twenty9

Like a family tale, a compilation is a history where we tell our similarities and our differences. More than two years after the release of .WAVE the label has grown, new encounters have given birth to a musical colour always richer with various in-  uences.

.WAVE II is revealed through 16 titles by the artists and close to the label, FKJ, Darius, Kartell, Da- beull, Cézaire, Crayon, Zimmer, Duñe, Plage 84 and more. So many artists who represent the Roche Musique collective orchestra.

Singular and eclectic this second compilation is composed entirely of exclusive pieces, a puncti- lious music always in the care of the detail.

This opus opens with the sweetness, the piano notes of FKJ, twirling, bring crescendo to the se- cond piece. «Do not forget it» is armed with an Unparalleled groove, Dabeull and Jordan Lee have undoubtedly composed a tube from the 80s. It’s the voice of Scarlett Johansson whispering to us in the hollow of the ear, the soft chords of Kartell and Crayon, this track brings together the universe of the two artists, the unstructured meets the rigor of the synths, a perfect match.

We continue on the tunes of «Paradise»; the voice of Nori transports us to high places, Cézaire and Katuchat keep us in levitation between earth and sky, the abrupt and the haunting.

Duñe joins forces with his friend Twenty9 for this fth piece: «Myself» is a beautiful set of hip hop and electronics, the best of both worlds.

Leave hip hop aside and keep the electronics and the vaporous spreads, Darius o ers us

a celestial piece. His light and recognizable touch leaves us with one word «Ouh».

In the continuity it’s his friend Kartell that we nd again on a solo production. «Leste» is catchy, undulating, we hold our breath and ask for more.

Without further ado, let us introduce Maydien, native of Amsterdam, mixing cleverly hip hop, rnb and soul in «Is it Real ».

Now we’ve come to this 9th piece by Katuchat and we have to take a break on «Brain Down» Deep, unstructured, like an rough and impercep- tible beauty.

Should we still present Zimmer, his airy house

of which he alone has the secret, both dancing and hovering, we move our heads, turned towards the stars.

Turn o the light, it’s 5 am in Paris, Plage 84 composes an ode to the dawn. A transcendent production, with very marqued jazz in uences, it’s the end of an evening, the beginning of a new day, that’s where it all starts again.

And here comes Dabeull who returns this time with Holybrune : «Ride» is a frenetic race with RnB accents and still this funky tone.

On these same tones, Wantigga chained a «James Davis» with an energy much closer to the Future Bass.

Our number 15 comes from an unknown planet, Glasses (formerly half of the duo Saje) sends cap- tivating and indescribable sounds «Alien contact» is literally a musical UFO, transcending musical genres.

.WAVE II closes on the two newcomers of the la- bel Tommy Jacob with «11.11», in a style halfway between the Canadian RnB and electronics. Pyramid in a very much other colors, gives back to the French Touch its letters of nobility with «W.I.Y.M».