Eivør is sharing the video for her latest single ‘In My Shoes’, lifted from the Copenhagen-based, Faroese talent’s forthcoming album, ‘Slør’ (out May 26).

The video for ‘In My Shoes’ features a compelling appearance by Danish performance artist and drag queen Dennis Agerblad. Eivør sought out Dennis especially to appear in the video, saying; “It was my dream to have him perform in this video with me because I felt his strong character and touching life story would be a good match to interpret the essence of ‘In My Shoes’, which is about finding your own way in life. His movements and expressions interpret this life journey in a beautiful way”. Speaking about the track itself, which appositely blends precision-triggered beats with the sampled sounds of shoes walking across a wooden floor, Eivør says’ “I remember when we recorded ‘In My Shoes’ it took us forever to get the tempo just right, which is ironic given the song is about finding your way in life in your own tempo and in your own way.”

Already a well-known recording artist of over 16 years’ prolific output in her native Scandinavia, Eivør has worked across a disparate clutch of collaborative projects since releasing her debut solo album aged just 16. Besides scoring the new series of BBC flagship ‘The Last Kingdom’ (airing now) with Ivor Novello nominee John Lunn (Downton Abbey, Waking The Dead), Eivør’s music has also been synced on Scorsese’s ‘Silence’, alongside trailers for ‘Game Of Thrones’ and ‘Deep Water Horizon’ (Mark Wahlberg). Eivør has also collaborated on the trailer soundtrack for ‘Metal Gear Survive’, and last year appeared at Los Angeles’ huge E3 gaming event, where she performed via live stream to a global audience of 50 million at the launch for Playstation’s ‘God Of War’.

‘Slør’ is – rather incredibly – Eivør’s first commercial release here in the UK. It’s one that has been over 2 years in the making- with ‘Slør’ actually an English-translated re-imagining of her Faroese-sung 2015 album release of the same title. Eivør originally wrote the Faroese version of ‘Slør’ – which translates as ‘veils’ or ‘blurriness’ – having returned to her childhood home in the remote Scandinavian archipelago of The Faroe Islands. Says Eivør; “Slør is very much about my roots- I just really wanted to go home, be back in the old environment. There was something exhilarating about being back at the heart of where I came from as a person and an artist, all the while realising how many things inside me had changed.”

Working closely with her producer Tróndur Bogason, Eivør has reconciled the Faroes’ remote majesty with the thoroughly modern world of her dark, intelligent electronica; “The landscape I grew up with, it seemed so natural to turn into an electronic landscape, because it has this electric sound in it, you know. All these wild, crazy sounds- stormy, winds, and the ocean.” The fruits of the meticulous 8 month period of transcribing the album into English are borne out in spades- teeming with darkly hooky pop, you sense ‘Slør’ will ensure Eivør doesn’t remain a veiled presence in these parts for much longer.

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