AR Ferdinand

AR Ferdinand has shared the new video for ‘Sexy’ taken from debut album ‘Wild Fiction’ out 31 March.

‘Sexy’ was of the hardest songs to complete for the album, taking almost a year alone on the song. The lyrics written by Josh Barry evoke something that not many songs in the genre do, or even pop songs.

“The lyrics are truly special for me, it resonates with me as it’s something I’ve always thought about attraction,that beauty comes from the inside.” Says AR Ferdinand. “In this particular case we learn about this beautiful girl but there’s nothing in the inside, Like a dormant volcano: cool to the core.” He concludes, “When I first heard the lyrics I knew this was it, I then found Justo and he just smashed it. An amazing performance, I then spent so much time bringing all the elements together as best I could, my perfectionism can be pretty intense, but it gets the job done.”